Voice of Women Organization (VWO) is a non-governmental, non-profit, non-political and non-partisan organization based in Afghanistan with its main office in western Afghanistan’s regional capital, Herat.

VWO is one of the leading organizations in Afghanistan that promotes and defends women’s rights issues which has put VWO in the international spot light. Since its establishment VWO has worked on the revival of women’s role in the Afghan society through advocacy for women’s rights, legal & social protection, capacity building and socio-economic empowerment.

VWO is mainly focused on empowering and has carried out numerous projects in Education, Health and Capacity Building for Social Empowerment and Vocational Training for Economic Empowerment sectors with funding from international donors.

Since 2004 VWO has continued to operate from its Head Office in Herat city. In addition, VWO has four regional sub-offices in provincial capitals in Ghor, Badghis, Farah and Nimroz. VWO has also established liaison offices in Kabul, Philadelphia (United States) and Adelaide (Australia).

Legal Status

VWO is a legal entity registered with Islamic Republic of Afghanistan’s Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Women Affairs. In addition, VWO has the membership of ACBAR, AWN, ANCB, European Union and European Commission (PADOR).

National Registration Numbers:

Ministry of Economy, Registration Number (270)

Ministry of Women Affairs, Registration Number (275)

ANCB, Membership Number (153)

ACBAR, Membership Number (108)

International Registration Numbers

DUNS (85-051-9499)

DUNS registration number with USAID (123456787)

European Union registration number (FR-2007-DWN-2711531429)

PADOR (AF-2009-EYG-1902266595)


To protect Afghan women, broaden their access to justice, alleviate violence against women and promote their human rights as well as to reduce women’s poverty level among communities through capacity building and socio-economic empowerment programs.


Providing equal opportunities for women to develop their potentials to actively participate in decision-making and nation-building processes at all levels.


Promotion of gender equality, providing education, legal, and social assistance, increasing awareness and expanding resources. We also believe in nurturing women’s capacities through a participatory approach, enabling them to lead a successful life.

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