Institutional Capacity Building & Women’s Rights Advocacy

The project is an initiative of USAID under the Ambassador’s Small Grants Program (ASGP) to support the local NGOs in promoting gender equality. The major component of this project is technical and administrative capacity building of VWO staff. This will include training for project planning, financial management and refresher courses for the VWO shelter staff. The project also has a component of advocacy for women’s rights and gender equality, which will include the capacity building of stakeholders and community decision makers for a better understanding of women’s issues in the society. The project is designed for a period of twelve calendar months and will be implemented in Herat, Ghor and Badghis provinces of the western region of Afghanistan.

Women Leadership Program

The proposed Women’s Leadership & Conflict Management Institute is designed to provide a comprehensive training program for the women of Afghanistan who are eager to gain the leadership and technical skills necessary to serve in advanced professional and leadership positions. Its purpose is to enhance not only employment opportunities for women in government departments, the private sector, and national and international NGOs but also to provide them with the skills that will lead to an increased number of women in decision making positions. The Institute will deliver its leadership and conflict management program over a period of forty-eight (48) calendar months and it will be donated by US Department of State through US Embassy in Kabul.

Women Resource Center

The purpose of this project is to establish a women resource center inside the Women for Women Market in Herat city.  The resource center will be equipped with computers, printers, internet facility and a library. The project will directly target and help business women and women seeking job opportunities. The center will also provide help to women and girls who need to develop and standardize their CVs and other official documents. Thousands of female students from high schools, colleges and universities will be among the direct beneficiaries of the resource center. The equipment and facilities in the center will enable them to use modern information technology tools to further their academic studies and interact worldwide. Women in Herat city will be able to utilize the resource center to launch various campaigns and coordinate their initiatives. VWO is looking for potential donors who can provide the funding for this project.